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Founded Samsung Tape Industry (Founded by Pyeon, Jae-Ryong)

Founded the corporation of Samsung Tape (Founded by Pyeon, Jae-Ryong)

Changed the company name to Samsung PSL (Pyeon, Woo-Hyeon took office as CEO)

Acquired ISO9001:2000

Registered the products with UL (File MH29494 Project 04 CA 080460)

Founded Samsung COANIX (Pyeon, Woo-Hyeon took office as CEO)
Integrated and moved to Gisan Agricultural Complex at Gisan-myeon, Chilgok, Gyeongbuk

Acquired ISO9001:2001 & ISO9001:2000 (QMS/EMS integrated certification)
New layer coating machine setting
Equipped with clean room (Cleanness; Class 1000)

Founded a research institute
Be certified as a specialist of parts materials
Applied for the patent on a new device (a sticker cutter)

Merged Samsung PSL.